Your Wind Project

This section of our website is for people interested in participating in a wind energy project. Please review the following information to discover what "role" best fits you and follow the links to relevant information.

Quick Links:

  1. Leases for Landowners
  2. Community Wind Projects
  3. Home and Farm Scale Projects
  4. Assistance for Project Development
  5. Don't Know Where to Start?

Leases for Landowners

If you are interested in participating in a wind project by leasing your land to a wind developer, or if a wind developer has approached you with an offer to lease your land, we recommend starting with our Leasing Your Land to a Developer section.

Community Wind Projects

Community wind projects are simply projects where some member or members of the local community, be it a farmer, group of neighbors, municipal utility, school, or other person or group, has a significant financial stake in the project. If you or a group you are part of is interesting in developing a project, the Community Wind section is for you.

Home and Farm Scale Projects

These projects use smaller machines that, in general, produce enough electricity to power a single home, farm, ranch or business. These machines cost in the range of a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars to put up. Click below for more information or to visit our Home and Farm Scale Wind section.

Assistance For Project Development

If you are interested in finding a company or consultant to help with developing part of your project, follow the link to Wind Energy companies. This will take you to a searchable database of developers, lawyers, turbine manufacturers, consultants, and other service providers.

Don't Know Where to Start?

Visit our guiding page that will help you better select a role to find resources. We also offer a FAQ section that answers some of the most commonly asked questions. If you are just starting to learn about wind, we recommend reading our Wind Basics.