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100W 12V/24V Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine

Small household horizontal axis wind turbine generator for sale, 100 watt power, 3 or 5 wind turbine blades can be selected, rated voltage 12 volt or 24 volt is availabe. The horizontal axis wind turbine is made of high quality materials and advanced technology for reliable and long-lasting performance.

100W horizontal axis wind turbineBasic Specification:

Model: ATO-WT-NE-100S5
Matched Controller Model: ATO-WTCMPPT-300
Rated Power: 100W
Maximum Power: 130W
Rated Voltage: 12V/24V
Start Up Wind Speed: 2.0 m/s
Rated Wind Speed: 10 m/s
Survival Wind Speed: 55 m/s
Wheel Diameter: 1.2m

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  1. The starting speed is slow, and 3 or 5 blades can be selected in different wind speed ranges, and the utilization rate of the wind energy is high.
  2. Easy installation, pipe or flange connection is optional.
  3. The wind turbine blade adopts the new technology of precision injection molding, with optimized aerodynamic shape and structure, which improves the wind energy utilization rate and the annual output.
  4. Cast aluminum alloy body, can rotate 2 bearings, can resist strong wind, safer operation.
  5. Patented permanent magnet generator with a special stator, which can effectively reduce the torque and make the wind turbine and the generator work together to ensure the performance of the whole system.
100W Wind Speed Power Curve
100W wind speed power curve

Tips: What is wind turbine and how does it work?

Wind power is the conversion of the kinetic energy of the wind into mechanical kinetic energy and the conversion of mechanical energy into electrical kinetic energy. The principle of wind power generation is to use the wind to drive the rotation of windmill blades, and then increase the speed of rotation through the speed increasing machine to promote the generator to generate electricity. With current windmill technology, a breeze of about three meters per second (the size of the breeze) can start generating electricity. Wind power is becoming a craze in the world because it does not use fuel and produces no radiation or air pollution.

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