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800W 24V/48V Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine

Buy cost-effective horizontal axis wind turbines for caravans, and houses, rated wind speed 12.5 m/s, wind turbine power 800 watts, rated voltage 24 volts or 48 volts. The blade material is reinforced glass fibre, with a low start-up wind speed and a high wind energy utilisation factor. Available in three- and five-blade versions and with or without a matched controller.

800W horizontal axis wind turbineBasic Specification:

Model ATO-WT-800M5
Matched Controller Model ATO-WTC-800
Rated Power 800W
Maximum Power 820W
Rated Voltage 24V/48V
Start Up Wind Speed 2.5 m/s
Rated Wind Speed 12.5 m/s
Survival Wind Speed 40 m/s
Wheel Diameter 2.2m

Get an 800w wind turbine for your home!

Wind Turbine Dimensions (Unit=mm)
800W wind turbine dimensions

800W Wind Turbine Power Curve
800W wind turbine power curve

Tips: Why do wind turbines use three blades?

Three blades are easy to balance, whereas too many blades are difficult and costly to balance. So, is it better to have fewer blades?

Firstly, the advantage of more blades is the higher torque conversion, but in terms of energy conversion, 4 and 5 blade wind turbines are less efficient than 3 blade wind turbines. The main reason for this is that a multi-blade wind turbine causes a considerable amount of disturbed turbulence in the rotation of the blades due to the higher drag, which reduces the energy conversion rate.

So 3 blades are better than 4 or 5 blades. Secondly, too few blades affect the efficiency of power generation.

The smaller the blade, the higher the rated speed, and the high speed to a certain extent will affect the power generation efficiency. The tip of the blade has a large circumferential linear velocity, resulting in high wind resistance. The moment of resistance limits the further increase of power generation and speed. Therefore, too few blades are not good. Three blades are mainly well balanced and low cost, and have been proven over time to be a common form of wind turbine today.

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