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2000W 24V48V96V Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

The 2000W vertical-axis residential wind turbine is intricately designed to maximize power generation while requiring minimal energy input. It offers three voltage choices: 24V, 48V, or 96V. ATO's three-blade horizontal-axis wind turbine offers an economical and feasible means of tapping into renewable energy sources.

Basic Specification:2000w vertical axis wind turbine

Model: ATO-X9-2000
Rated Power: 2000W
Rated Voltage: 24V/48V/96V
With Controller: ATO-FM4820
Start Up Wind Speed: 2 m/s
Rated Wind Speed: 12 m/s
Survival Wind Speed: 50 m/s
Wheel Diameter/Height: 0.5m/1.5m

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Dimension (Unit: mm)
FAQ: How loud are vertical axis wind turbines?

Vertical axis wind turbines (VAWTs) are often regarded as quieter than their horizontal axis counterparts (HAWTs), primarily due to their lower rotational speeds and simpler, more compact design. However, the noise produced by a VAWT depends on various factors, such as its size and shape, wind speed, and local conditions. Studies show that VAWTs can generate noise levels ranging from 45 to 60 decibels (dB) when measured from a distance of 100 meters, comparable to the sound of typical conversation or light traffic. Nevertheless, specific VAWT designs and operating conditions can result in different noise levels. In urban or residential areas with strict noise regulations, VAWT noise may pose a concern, potentially disrupting nearby residents. To mitigate noise issues, VAWTs can be situated in less densely populated areas or incorporate noise-reduction features like acoustic enclosures or blade modifications.

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